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Film and Theatre photography

We have worked hard to bring together a collection of photographs taken in the last decade or so in Melbourne. You may well remember some of those moments @ LaMama Theatre or Carlton Courthouse. Today we are releasing a page commemorating some theatrical performances, that we were involved in the promotion process. Our special thanks go to: Mr Robert Chuter, Douglas Montgomery, Milijana Cancar, Noel Anderson and Melka Stansah for helping us in writing and collecting information's and assisting us in creating those timeless pages of memories.

A dedication

The released collection is also dedicated to those who are no longer with us and who were an integral part and even sometimes an engine of those productions. We would like to mention especially our dear friends and colleagues – Julia Britton, Robynne Kelly and Lucien Savron. We are grateful that we could meet those talented artists and that we have spent unforgettable moments working with them together.

You are welcome

to enjoy the photo galleries released today, while we keep working to add some more in the near future. Our aim is to support Australian arts industry by promoting talented writers, actors, musicians and others in order to make sure that their hard work will be remembered and appreciated...

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