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Aerial photos and video

Stunning views, great landscapes and lots more... Photography has evolved to a stage where very sophisticated tools started playing an important role in the industry. We use many of those tools, always looking forward to be the first in achieving something amazing

Drone photo gallery

Seeing more from high, above the ground

You may need to advertise your house for sale or maybe you want to take a photo of some large object from above? Maybe you are thinking about some very creative photo shoot that includes some aerial photos or video... In any of this situations we are here to help. Whether you want to photograph a property or a piece of land, a truck or a skyscraper, we have the equipment and skills to produce for you professional quality images and video.

Best quality and affordable service

We provide free consultation before your inquiry becomes a job. The smallest detail can become a hurdle in the process, so we ask questions, "draw plans" and finally we deliver the best possible product. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, solid customer service and professional post-production service.

Our prices starting from as little as $100 per job and there is no hidden charges or fees "down the track" included. We encourage our future Customers to give us a call to discuss their needs and we promise to "go the extra mile" if required.

Did you know?

On the 9'th of April 2020 we have launched our video calling service. This is a brand new approach in our industry...


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