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Photography for Business

GB photography is committed to provide professional photography products for various types of customers and industries. Due to growth and technological advancements of photographic tools, there is some more "cherries on the cake to be served"... As a team of various professionals we want to produce what is currently on demand and we have "that something" to do this...

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Film and Theatre

My photographic work is covering three major areas: Film and Theatre, Social Events and Aerial & Real Estate photography. Some of my skills were developing earlier and some have come down the road while my interests were widening. But it is not until I have established a good ground within the particular "discipline" then I have started to offer the service to my customers... I will be pleased if you will discover it all here, so feel invited to browse trough photos and offers that are suitable for your particular needs.

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Weddings - candid, elegant and affordable

I photograph weddings in Melbourne and Sydney since 2006. This area of my work has started to bare fruit after years of preparations, studying of the wedding photography secrets, and finally someone gave me the chance to photograph one... Today I can count up to several hundreds of weddings which I have photographed in Melbourne alone. I'm offering this service as one of the main services in my portfolio. I have dedicated a separate website, which is covering this offer in detail...

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